Starting a Blog

As a developer I like to code, you probably do too. So, naturally I created my own blog "platform" for myself. Actually, I did this several times. I tried GitHub pages, I created my own blog site where I could write my post in markdown and it was all fun and a good learning experience, but I wanted something I spent less time working on and more time writting.

I had always wanted to try Statamic a flat file CMS built with Laravel, but couldn't justify the cost, and then they came out with an open source version, so I had to try it! It was good and the amount of customization you can do is really great, but I couldn't justify the time spent on it and I still had to host it myself. So, sadly I moved on from Statamic and discovered Ghost, which is also open source, but they have a paid for hosted version, which is up and running with a clean theme and a specific focus on writting! So, here I am writting in Ghost's editor and really enjoying it!

I think we all probably wander down a similiar path – we want to build everything and everything could be something, but then we learn to focus and we realize where we can be the most valuable and we spend more time researching and thinking than writting code. Anyways, more on that later!

Moral of the story

If you haven't tried Ghost, try it! It's a great platform for content creators and you can pay them to host it and it's totally hands off, or if you want to be more hands on you can host it yourself!