My top 3 favorite things about Ghost

#1 It's "turn key"

I've become more and more hestitant over the years to try new things because I've little time and plently of things already competeting for that time. So, the thought of spending a lot of time learning something new and setting something up, just isn't in the cards for me right now. I had my entire blog setup and looking good within a few hours and that was a self guided tour. Ghost has plently of content to expedite your onboarding and guide it's users to the outcome they desire

#2 The Editor

The editor is absolutley amazing. It's so easy to use and there is very little "figuring" things out. It's straight forward and it offers all the tools you need to create a great post all the while keeping your fingers on the keyboard and content flowing.

#3 Subscriber Features

At no additional cost you can setup a member portal which allows you to sell some or all your content to your memebers at a monthly or yearly fee. In addition, you can schedule posts, and send them to either your free subscribers and/or paid subscribers.